Facilities Management
Everything your Company needs with only one supplier.

- Cleaning
- Maintenance
- Construction
- Catering
- Ecologic clean
- Gardening
Work space always clean!

- Residential
- Comertial
- Industrial
- Institutional
Ecological Clean
Our products are completely enviro-friendly and are used for:

- Automobiles
- Trucks

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We offer you scheduled maintenance programs and building inspections among all other services!

- Painting
- Remodeling
- Electrical
- Plumbing
- Air Conditioning
We enrich our environment through our sustainable projects!

- Civil Projects
- Finishes
- Waterproofing
Let us help you organize your meetings coverig all kinds of needs!

- Corporate breakfast
- Lunch
- Fruit & Juice
- Special events

Our high concern for the environment took us to develop a cleaning system with NO WATER.

We have innovated with the newest product for dry cleaning in automobile industry, achieving a fast and efficient service in your facilities.

  • Interior and Exterior cleaning of automobiles
  • Interior and exterior cleaning of trucks
  • Sale and training of our products
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Lavado en Seco

Lavado en Seco